Three Common Uses For Barrier Film

Three Common Uses For Barrier Film

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When it comes to first aid, medical procedures, or dental work, there are many common supplies designed to improve the experience of the patient, while also keeping them safe and pain-free. Barrier film is one of the most common types of medical supplies because it offers a wide variety of uses. In this short article, we are going to take a deep dive into three of the most common uses for barrier film, so that you may incorporate the use of this critically important medical product into your daily practice either as a dental professional or a medical professional.

Barrier Film For Adhesive Trauma

One of the most common use cases for barrier film revolves around its protection against adhesive trauma. For many different medical procedures, different adhesives are used to secure bandages, gauze, and other first aid materials to the surface of a patient’s skin. From time to time, these materials might be applied to sensitive areas, wounds, and injuries.

Barrier film comes into play as a safe protective material that prevents the adhesive from further damaging or irritating a patient’s skin, particularly around an area of inflammation or healing. With the ability to provide up to 72 hours of protection from irritation, barrier film certainly comes in handy in these situations.

Barrier Film For Bodily Fluids

Depending on the type of medical or dental procedure, barrier film can be extremely effective at keeping bodily fluids from entering into an incision or an open wound down to a minimum. Because the product is sterile and non-cytotoxic, the film does not have any affect on the skin, and it will not impact a healing wound – even if bodily fluids were to penetrate it.

Not to mention, the film itself is alcohol-free, which makes it virtually painless and sting-less for patients when applied to damaged or irritated skin. This makes it an ideal material to use against bodily fluids.

Barrier Film For Friction

Some medical and first aid materials can be rather coarse or rough to the touch. Depending on the severity of a wound or an injury, a patient might require a stronger material for added protection. From time to time, the coarseness of this material could create a secondary issue like inflammation or skin irritation.

Barrier film serves as a wonderful protective surface to go in between a patient’s skin and the medical material. Not only does the film prevent the negative effects that often come along with friction, but it also helps to provide a second layer of protection to keep the skin and wound clean, safe, and free from additional trauma.

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