The Benefits of Dental Bibs

The Benefits of Dental Bibs

5 Things Every Dentist Needs To Know

If you’ve ever been to a dentist’s office, then you’re likely familiar with the piece of thick, blue paper with a chain that they place around your head to cover your neck and chest as soon as you sit down into the chair for a teeth cleaning – in the world of dentistry, that little paper covering has a name. It’s called a “dental bib.” While most dentists choose to use them regularly, others tend to push them to the wayside.

Here at PlastCare USA, we believe that dental bibs should be an integral piece of PPE that all dentists should use to keep their patients protected. Here are 5 things that every dentist needs to know about dental bibs.

Bibs Keep Patients Clean & Dry

One of the fundamental aspects of dental bibs is that they are designed to keep the patient clean and dry during a procedure. For typical teeth cleaning procedures, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a patient to become exposed to fluid, and these bibs are designed to keep their neck and chest clean and dry.

Bibs Prevent Damage To Clothing

On the off chance that a substance leaks during a dental procedure, the bib can help to prevent damage to a patient’s clothing. Essentially, the bib is designed to be ultra absorbent, meaning it does a good job at absorbing liquid substances before it penetrates the deeper layers of protection.

Bibs Can Also Be Used As A Table Cloth For Instruments

Bibs aren’t only used to keep patients and their clothing protected – in fact, they can, and often are, used for a variety of purposes. For instances, some dentists choose to line their instrument tray and tables with them. Due to their ultra absorbent properties, they work wonders for keeping a workspace clean and safe during a dental procedure – especially one that involves the use of dental instruments.

Dental Bibs Come In Different Plys

One thing that many dentists are not aware of is the fact that dental bibs can often come in different plys. This means that the layers of fabric that make up the bib itself can be thinner or thicker depending on the brand, type, size, etc. The more ply that a dental bib has, the more layers of fabric that exist between the top layer and bottom layer – this ultimately means that a bib might be more protective if it contains more ply.

Can Be Used By Other Professions As Well

Lastly, it’s important to remember that dental bibs aren’t only used by dentists! In fact, they are used by many different professionals. From tattoo artists to nail salons, dental bibs can often come in handy. Due to their highly absorbent and protective qualities, they are often a staple piece of equipment that many different professionals always have by their side.


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