Air/Water Syringe Sleeve

Air/Water Syringe Sleeve
Air/Water Syringe Sleeve

Air/Water Syringe Sleeve

Model Number: 9994693

  • Perfectly designed X-ray barrier sleeves measuring 2 1/2" x 10" for an efficient fit over most X-ray devices.

  • Pre-cut opening: for quick and hassle-free application, reducing setup time and improving workflow.

  • Improved hygiene: helps in preventing cross-contamination, ensuring safer and cleaner procedures.

  • Versatile usage: suitable for both dental and medical offices for various X-ray processes.

  • Easy disposal: can be safely and easily disposed of after use, maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Enhances safety: contributes to a safer work environment by minimizing potential microbial transmission.

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  • Description

PlastCare USA's digital X-ray sensor cover sleeves play a crucial role in modern dental and medical practices. These sleeves are essential protective barriers that ensure the hygiene and longevity of sensitive digital X-ray sensors used in diagnostic imaging. Made from high-quality, disposable materials, these sleeves are designed to fit snugly over the sensor, preventing direct contact with the patient's mouth and bodily fluids. This barrier not only helps maintain the sensor's integrity but also safeguards against cross-contamination between patients. Furthermore, the transparency of these sleeves allows for the unhindered transmission of X-rays, ensuring accurate and clear diagnostic images.