30G Short Needles

30G Short Needles
30G Short Needles

30G Short Needles

Model Number: PG-NEEDLE-30GS4

  • Box of 100 30G short disposable sterile dental needles

  • The 30G gauge needle provides a fine and accurate puncture.

  • Short Length: Ideal for a wide range of medical applications, especially those requiring precise shallow injections.

  • Excellent Control: Short design provides exceptional control and maneuverability, even in confined spaces.

  • Disposable: Eliminates the need for reprocessing, saving time and ensuring safety.

  • Patient-Focused: Prioritizes patient well-being by minimizing discomfort and enhancing safety.

  • Cost-Effective: Provides reliable performance without compromising on quality or patient well-being.

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  • Description

PlastCare USA's 30G short disposable needles are the perfect solution for precise and comfortable medical procedures. These needles feature a fine 30-gauge size and a shorter length, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from vaccinations to subcutaneous injections. Their precision design ensures minimal patient discomfort, and the shorter length offers excellent control, even in tight spaces. Each needle is individually sterilized, guaranteeing a sterile environment and reducing the risk of infection. Our disposable needles not only save valuable time but also ensure consistent, top-quality performance, all while prioritizing patient comfort.