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Micro Applicator Brushes

Micro Applicator Brushes

Our PlastCare USA micro applicator brushes are versatile, with several uses. Use them in dental procedures to apply bonding glue, disclosing solution, hemostatic solution, sealants, dycal, etchant, bonding agents, cavity linings, and fluoride varnishing. The brushes’ microfibers are non-absorbent, holding solutions in suspension. This means they won’t drip or spill as you transfer solutions to teeth. The brushes allow you to have accurate and precise placement during dental procedures and treatments. Their bendability makes them comfortable for patients and gives you access to difficult-to-reach areas. These small brushes come in a handy medication dispenser that lets you take one tip applicator at a time. Micro applicator brushes by PlastCare USA can also be used as cosmetic tools. Use them as an eyelash lift tool to insert lash extensions or falsies. Their spherical head allows for more precision and accuracy during lash placement. You won’t get gobs of glue or gel remover all over your client’s lashes with these incredible tip applicators! Give your clients long, luscious eyelashes with these micro applicator brushes! At PlastCare USA, we strive to deliver quality dental products and medical supplies at affordable prices. Our products meet CE, ISO, and FDA standards. Our customers are our top priority. We work hard to give you superb customer service by using high-quality materials to create our products. Trust PlastCare USA for all your dental and medical supplies.



  • 100 Brushes/Tube
  • 4 Tubes/Box
  • Super-Fine: White
  • Fine: Pink, Yellow
  • Regular: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green
  • These micro bristle brushes are designed to assist in dental bonding procedures. They can deliver precise portions of etchant solution and dental bonding adhesive without absorption. Dental bonding procedures can be delicate which is why it’s important to use a plastic glue applicator to accurately place dental sealant. Add these micro tip applicators to your dental bonding kit.
  • These soft dental picks won’t leave behind lint during precious micro applications. They are made to be non-linting. You won’t have to worry about fuzz or residue gathering while you apply dental bonding agents to teeth. Their non-linting tips aren’t just for dental procedures. They are also ideal for makeup application and cosmetic purposes. Add it to your makeup set!
  • The handles are bendable, which makes it easier for accurate application in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The flexibility of our micro applicator brushes allows for greater comfort during dental procedures. Their malleability is also convenient for makeup application. Because it bends, it ensures no smears, smudges, or shaky lines during eyeliner application.

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