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Air/Water Syringe Tips

Air/Water Syringe Tips

It’s time to make dental work easier with our dental air-water syringe tips! These oral dose syringes will cut the time of your oral hygiene practices in half. With our disposable tips, you won’t need to use any oral cleaning wipes or sterilizing cleaning liquids. Simply throw the tip away and grab a new, clean one. These three-way oral syringes deliver water, air, or a mixture of both. Oral syringes aren’t just used for dental health practices. You can also use them as tonsil syringes to remove unsightly tonsil stones. They also act as nursing syringes or oral medicine syringes. You’ll be able to carefully administer a dosage of oral medication through the syringe. They can also be used as dental scaler tips to promote periodontal health. These gum dental products will keep your gums clean! Complete your oral cleaning set with dental air-water syringe tips! They’ll make your office more vibrant with their many colors. Children will love them! They’re a perfect addition to any oral cleaning kit. At PlastCare USA, we strive to deliver quality dental products at affordable prices. Our dental products are made of plastic, disposable material for your convenience. Because you won’t have to worry about sterilization, they’ll increase your efficiency and productivity in your dental care routines. Trust PlastCare USA for all your dental supplies and tooth health supplements.



  • 250 Tips/Bag
  • 48 Bags/Case
  • These curved syringe tips give you extra assistance with cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Our syringes act like a water pick, delivering a steady three-way stream of either water, air, or a mixture of both to remove built-up plaque and food debris. The powerful water spray will leave your teeth sparkling clean!
  • These dentist tools come in an assortment of colors that are sure to delight children. You’ll find nozzle tops in every color of the rainbow, from red to violet! They are made of a durable plastic with rounded edges to prevent cuts or jabs while you clean teeth. Helps kids have better tooth health with our colorful oral irrigation syringe tips.
  • Metal rinse syringes are difficult to clean. Bacteria can get caught in their small water way and ultimately infect someone. With our disposable dental spray units, there will be no cross-contamination as you won’t be using a tip more than once. You can have a peace of mind when you use these innovative dental supplies.


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