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3-Ply 13" x 18" Disposable Waterproof Patient Bibs

3-Ply 13" x 18" Disposable Waterproof Patient Bibs

One of the first things that happens at the dentist is getting an adult bib placed around your neck. While it may seem childish, these bibs protect your clothing and skin from water, contaminants, and other particles that may splatter during your dental procedure. We created these bibs to be comfortable and versatile. They measure 13” by 18”, so they are large enough to cover patients both large and small. These bibs weren’t made for eating! The bibs should cover patients clothing or skin and can also be used to cover workspaces. Used in both medical offices and tattoo parlors, these bibs are functional and practical, as well as versatile. Just throw these bibs away when you’re done using them. They are safe to throw away with regular waste (unless prohibited by local laws).

We offer these disposable patient bibs in 9 different colors (each case contains 500 bibs), so you can find a color that pleases both you and your patients. Choose from apricot, blue, green, lavender, pink, white, and yellow disposable bibs. PlastCare USA is dedicated to providing high-quality dental supplies. These adult bibs were made in Europe and have 2-ply paper and 1-ply poly to provide maximum protection. With these materials, the bibs are waterproof and won’t leave any residue on patient clothing. Your purchase includes a pack of 125 bibs in pink. Each bib sheet is strong and durable with a generous size. When looking for dental supplies, look no further than PlastCare USA.



  • Avoid spreading germs in your workspace with these European-made flat bib sheets by PlastCare USA. We designed these bibs with 2-ply paper and 1-ply poly to provide maximum protection. The bibs are waterproof, making them ideal for keeping patients clean in dental offices or other medical offices.
  • These bibs are large enough to use on a variety of patients. Measuring 13” by 18”, they cover a large enough surface area that they can be used on kids and adults alike. They effectively cover the patient’s chest and neck area without being uncomfortable or leaving large areas exposed. Just secure with dental clips!
  • Useful for medical professionals, these bibs are also ideal for tattoo parlors. These bibs provide comfort and hygiene. They can be used to keep work areas clean and safe for both customers and tattoo artists. Provide a sanitary work space whether you are in a medical office or a tattoo parlor. Stock up on supplies today.


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