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12cc Curved Tip Irrigation Syringes

12cc Curved Tip Irrigation Syringes

Save your dental or medical practice time and effort with these disposable plastic syringes with curved tips without needles. They are made to hold 12ml of fluid, so they’re perfect for using as a water pick, administering medicine, cleaning teeth, or nursing a small animal back to health. The curved tip design ensures that you can irrigate your mouth with ease and allows dental practitioners greater ease in performing injections, chloride treatments, and more. Use it as a water pick as an alternative to floss that won’t make your gums bleed. Once you’ve used syringe, you don’t need to go to the effort or spend the time performing extensive sanitization measures on them. Simply toss them in the trash can and grab a new one for your next patient! This makes them not only convenient but also eliminates the risk of contaminating a patient. You can trust that these are safe for your use as the plastic is medical grade and has been made especially for medical facilities. They will last longer than other kinds of plastics and are a purer type, making them safer for use on patients. The plunger fits tightly and doesn’t leak, and the syringe is see-through, allowing you to clearly see the remaining amount of liquid in the syringe to allow for precise dosages of medications when used for administering medicine. Stock up on these dental tools today and enjoy the convenience, safety, and peace of mind that results from using them!


  • 50 Syringes/Box
  • 20 Boxes/Case
  • SERVES MULTIPLE PURPOSES: These tools make great additions to any doctor’s office for use by nursing professionals and are useful in dental practices. They are traditionally used for teeth cleaning and mouth washing during/after oral surgery and for postoperative home care to dislodge large food particles, but they can also be used for feeding pets. Complete your mouth care kit with this set.
  • REDUCES CROSS-CONTAMINATION: Metal syringes are difficult to clean and require a lot of sanitization. Bacteria can get caught in their small water way and ultimately infect someone. With our disposable polypropylene plastic injection syringes, there will be no cross-contamination as you won’t be using a tip more than once. Enjoy peace of mind when you use these innovative dental supplies.
  • DISPOSABLE SUPPLIES: Our plastic oral syringes with curved tips are conveniently disposable. You won’t need to waste time sterilizing these tooth care products. Just throw the oral irrigator away after you’ve used it. This allows for more efficient productivity so you can clean up more quickly after a procedure.
  • SPECIAL FRONT CURVED TIP DESIGN: The tip of this syringe is intentionally curved to ensure that the syringe can irrigate optimally. This design also allows practitioners to provide molding material injection, chloride treatments, and more with greater ease. Use it as a water pick, an alternative to floss that won’t make your gums bleed.
  • MADE OF MEDICAL GRADE PLASTIC: Healthcare systems everywhere rely on medical grade plastic materials. These are plastic items that have been engineered and manufactured specifically for medical use and comply with global requirements. They are guaranteed for a longer time than alternative plastics and are more safe and pure for patients.


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