Jun 12, 2019
100 Brushes/Tube 4 Tubes/Box   Super-Fine: White Fine: Pink Yellow Regular: Blue Purple Orange Green   These micro bristle brushes are designed to assist in dental bonding procedures. They can deliver precise portions of etchant solution and dental bonding adhesive without absorption. Dental bonding procedures can be delicate which is why it’s important to use […]...

Cosmetic Dentistry

PlastCare USA provides a range of cosmetic dentistry supplies in Los Angeles. One of the most frequently used of all cosmetic dentistry supplies is the Micro Applicator Brush. Extremely versatile, this small brush is used for applying glue to bond teeth, hemostatic and disclosing solution, dycal, sealants, cavity linings, etchant, fluoride varnishing and more.

Micro Applicator Brush

The bristles of this non linting micro-brush are non-absorbent, allowing for precise application without losing any solution due to absorption or the worry of lint or residue being left behind.

Bendable handles enable even the hard to reach areas to be easily accessed and makes these tiny brushes a popular makeup brush for eyeliner and false eyelash applications. We are proud to have many cosmetic shops in Los Angeles using our micro applicator brushes.

These micro-applicator brushes come with a convenient container which dispenses only one brush at a time, reducing cross contamination.

These micro-make up application brushes are available in many colors including blue, red, green, white, and yellow.