Three Reasons ASTM Level-3 Face Masks Are a Good Choice for COVID19 and Its Variants

Three Reasons ASTM Level-3 Face Masks Are a Good Choice for COVID19 and Its Variants


Protection against COVID19 and its variants, such as Alpha and Delta, is crucial. Although vaccines are currently available, infection rates are still high. Furthermore, the numbers continue to increase as the spread of COVID19’s variants occurs across the country and worldwide. With that in mind, it’s vital to take preventative measures to protect yourself and others against the infection. Whether you’re working in the medical industry or trying to stay safe while going out to different places, such as the grocery store, ASTM Level-3 face masks are an excellent choice.

ASTM Level-3 Masks Offer a Stronger Barrier

Having a solid fluid-resistant barrier protecting the nose and mouth is the most effective way to prevent transmission of the highly contagious COVID19 virus. Although rates started to decline during the winter and in the early spring, numbers have since started increasing with the spread of the Delta variant, which appears to be even more contagious than previous variants of the virus. The ASTM Level-3 mask can leave you feeling safer and more protected because of its strong and reliable FDA-approved barrier. PlastCare USA’s premium quality masks are 510(k) cleared from the FDA and are considered one of the best masks to fight the spread of germs and prevent infections from developing.


Get Protection Against Various Fluids When Working with Patients

While working in the medical field as a dentist, doctor, surgeon, or nurse, you need to have as much protection against fluids from the patients as possible. Unfortunately, the transmission of certain fluids is what drastically increases the risk of infection, ultimately putting your life and the lives of others at risk without having a suitable mask over your face. Reduce the risk of spreading disease with the comfortable and adjustable ASTM Level-3 mask. The mask allows you to avoid exposure through bodily fluids, such as saliva, that can quickly get on you when you’re working with patients of all ages in the office.


The Filtration Efficiency Goes Beyond Level-1 and Level-2 Masks

The filtration efficiency of these masks goes beyond what Level-1 and Level-2 can offer and is comparable to the filtration provided by N95 masks. While the lower levels provide some protection against fluid transmission, it’s not as great as what Level-3 offers. With such powerful efficiency, the mask’s filter stops and retains particles from getting through the barrier and reaching the mouth or nose area. Numerous tests prove the Level-3 mask scores exceptionally well on its ability to filter out germs and protect the person who wears it. If there is a risk of fluid exposure, this mask is a must-have.


Keep Yourself Protected Against COVID19 and Its Variants with a Highly-Efficient Masks

Staying safe in the fight against COVID19 and its variants is a challenge, but you can keep yourself protected by wearing the right mask when working or completing other tasks. We offer the ASTM Level-3 face mask; the top-level mask used to prevent the spread of transmission when potentially encountering bodily fluids. Check out our website to see the selection of masks available for our customers, along with other safety materials you can use to keep yourself and your clients protected.

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