3 Reasons to Choose an ASTM Level 3 Mask Over the KN95

When you’re tired of wearing the KN95 due to its many flaws, the ASTM Level 3 mask is worth consideration. It’s not uncommon to hear about the importance of wearing a mask that provides the maximum protection to have a better defense against airborne particles, including viruses, with most people mentioning the KN95 all the time. But what happens when this mask isn’t working out well for you? If you’re wondering whether any other option exists to keep you safe and help lower your risk of exposure to airborne particles, the ASTM Level 3 mask is what you need.


The ASTM Level 3 Masks Offers Incredible Filtration


When prioritizing filtration efficiency, the ASTM Level 3 mask is a must-have because it’s known for filtering up to 98 percent of all airborne particles, making it comparable to the level of filtration provided by the KN95. Because of its higher filtration rate compared to other masks, including cloth options, it’s safe to use when completing tasks throughout the day, whether there is a low, moderate, or higher risk of exposure to fluids. While it’s great for professionals in various work environments, this type of mask is an excellent solution for dental hygienists who’d like to have more protection with greater comfort, flexibility, and breathability.


KN95 Masks Don’t Always Fit Properly


If you’ve ever worn a KN95 mask on your face, you may already understand the struggle of getting it to fit comfortably. Unfortunately, an improper fit creates more significant risks and can lead to added exposure that you’re trying to avoid. If you’re wearing a mask with openings in different spots because it’s not conforming to the shape of your face or fitting correctly without pulling on your ears, it’s going to put you at risk of coming in direct contact with airborne particles, some of which can easily get you sick. The lack of proper fit is a struggle, but you’ll quickly notice that the ASTM Level 3 masks fit better on a broad range of people, regardless of their facial structures and the size of different features, such as their noses.


Some Knockoff KN95 Masks Exist


With each day that passes, purchasing KN95 masks becomes a greater risk because more manufacturers are producing a growing number of knockoffs that make it difficult to tell the real ones apart from the fake ones. Unfortunately, while the knockoffs may look the same as the original KN95 masks, they won’t offer the same level of filtration, putting everyone at risk who ends up wearing them.


Prioritize Your Health and Safety with Comfortable ASTM Level 3 Masks


Keep yourself protected while at work by wearing the ASTM Level 3 masks that offer the desired filtration without common issues people tend to deal with when wearing the KN95 masks. Here at PlastCare USA, we’re a leading provider of durable and dependable medical supplies and protective gear that can help lower your risk of exposure while you focus on getting your job done. In addition, our Level 3 masks are more comfortable, fit much better, are easier to breathe in, and offer the defense you need.


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