3×3 Non Woven Gauze

Gauze dressing is in high demand among dentists, orthodontic professionals, EMTs, ER staff, medical doctors, and vets for everything from common wisdom teeth extractions and surgical coverings to oral surgery for dogs. Whatever you’re using our products for, you can trust that our sponges will be a helpful addition to your medical supply kit. Our unwoven, white gauze pads combine all the features that doctors and patients value most in their medical dressing. These gauze sponges are not only functional, but they’re also more pleasant for those receiving treatments. Give your patients the great experience they deserve. These 4-ply pads are ultra absorbent and won’t need to be changed as much as inferior bandages. This makes them ideal after pulling teeth and other procedures that involve blood clotting. Patients will love the fact that our pads leave behind very little residue, but are still soft and comfortable enough to hold in the mouth for prolonged periods of time. At PlastCare USA, we create the highest quality plastic and disposable dental supplies to meet the needs of your clinic. Our equipment is always manufactured in compliance with FDA standards, so rest assured that our products are safe. Whether you’re cleaning teeth each day or drawing blood, you’ll keep patients coming back to you with high-quality products from PlastCare USA.

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